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Recordation taxes
posted on 07/18/2005 at 6:22 pm
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sometimes the details of what i do are so irrelevant to the outside world it makes me laugh. but, it does matter to the client who does not want to be taxed on their real estate conveyance, so if i can save them a few hundred or few thousand bucks just for doing my job well, then i guess that's something. i should probably also consider that at other times, i am part of a practice that sits on the cutting edge of the commercial real estate industry, which impacts the country's financial stability in a big way. wow, i hadn't thought of it like that before, but it's true. huh.

on a completely unrelated note, blog, my friend cara and i went to the big summer classic on friday night, which is a touring concert featuring string cheese incident, keller williams, yonder mountain string band, umphrey's mcgee, and spearhead. which is to say, hippie music at its finest, complete with that crowd that makes its own clothes (when it wears clothes), sports dreads, disdains shaving, and sells homemade food ("food") in the parking lot. and even though i've always felt like the preppy kid at these kinds of places in my tshirt and khaki shorts (oh dear... i think i was wearing a collard short sleeved shirt that night), i really, really enjoyed myself at the show. chalk it up to a friday night and a laid-back atmosphere, or to actual good music and good performances, or the yuengling and pale ale we consumed in abundance, but the big summer classic was a damn good time.

afterwards, cara and i went to a bar where, when def leppard asked that you "pour some sugar on me," a young-twenty-something who was hitting on cara actually did. he poured some sugar on her, on her hair and face. then he licked it off of her eyes. she was rather appalled but in a slow, weird, funny way. i dare say she was high. although, it wasn't until she was driving us home from the bar and she commented "i really need to get ahold of this pedal" did i realize that i should probably be driving instead.


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