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The 'post is toast!
posted on 09/01/2005 at 8:17 pm
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We all knew it would happen someday, and that day has come.

We were told the regional manager was coming for a visit, and even before he showed up it struck me as odd that no one was asked to (1) clean up the building at all or (2) otherwise behave themselves. Though apparently, I was too stupid to make a connection.

Anyway, he was this little guy slightly older than me, in a gray wool suit and paler than I am (yes, that's possible). We went in to meet with him 7 or 8 at a time, and he dropped the bomb: The Connecticut call center closes on November 21. We are all invited to relocate to the new call center in San Jose, California. Fry's will pay for us to move our shit, and that's about it. Not surprisingly, he didn't mention a cost of living adjustment. (I looked it up online afterwards, and it'd be at least 20%.)

The regional manager was a typical Fry's piece of work. And by that I mean, he was clearly excited about the prospect of his finally stopping regional travel to run a call center -- which he's never done before! And obviously, all of us are gonna go out to California, where the weather is better and the sports teams suck more but that's okay because it'll just be great and come on guys! We're already profitable, but we're gonna make even more money! Bring the magic to CA! He spent ten minutes trying to chat up the people in the room, and meanwhile I'm thinking, can I just go to my phone please?

Before anyone asks, I'm fine. I'm in the I Guess This Means It's Time For Me To Get Off My Ass camp. That's a better place to be than the I Just Bought A House camp, or the I Quit My Previous Job And The Manager Hired Me Knowing Perfectly Well This Was Coming camp.

More as this unfolds, I'm sure.

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