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August already
posted on 08/01/2005 at 4:21 pm
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I have vacation next week finally. I've really been looking forward to it. Anytime I think of our vacation, the summer has seemed to slow to a crawl. The days have been running together lately though since there hasn't been much of anything else going on. So, now that it is August, the summer seems to be slipping through my fingers. I'll be back to classes by the 30th and the great weather will start to fade away.

I don't think I've met my goals for the summer regarding my projects or my "get healthy" initiative. I've been having trouble focusing on any one thing, but that's really no excuse. I'm going to try to get inspired by looking forward to and going on vacation. Hopefully, that will give me a good final month for the summer. I get too many projects started at once, and then I wind up never finishing any of them. Someone told me I need to focus, I like and am good enough at too many things that I have no focus and that's why I keep doing that.

Eh. I would've thought that by now I would have things together, having been moved out of my parents house for ten years now. I wonder if I'll ever feel like an actual adult instead of just a girl masquerading as one. Bleh.

Anyway, that is all for now.
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the Hotness
posted on 08/15/2005 at 8:08 pm
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Back from vacation. Had a good time. I am so glad we had a beach kind of vacation because it was soooo hot. Frozen cokes (some with rum) became our best friends for the week. We were sad to miss Arfie-gras, we had been looking forward to it. We couldn't change weeks anymore once we found out about the issue though.

I brought lots of projects with me on vacation, but didn't get through much. I'm hoping to get some freelance illustration work soon to bring in some extra moolah. I've been in such a spendy mood lately. It's so weird, it's not like I really need much, but I just want to buy buy buy. I think it's at least partly because I've been making so much myself lately and I'm tired of all the projects.

The night before my vacation, I had a very vivid, very strange dream. It was so real that I woke up concerned about events that had happened in the dream. I decided that I needed to write it down and so I wrote and wrote and wrote. I made no comments about the dream, nor did I make any changes. I only narrated. I wrote for nine and a half pages. It was crazy. I'm not a writer at all, so it probably needs tons of editing (I haven't gone over it again yet) for grammer, etc. Dan thinks it's a story trying to work it's way out of my busy head. I'm not sure yet, but it was definitely an interesting experience at least. Anyone else who writes regularly ever have stuff like that happen to them?

Anyway. Later.
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