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best show ever
posted on 05/21/2007 at 8:30 pm
File Under: Personal
Feelin' kinda... good Music: steely dan

Last Friday my brother and I saw Steely Dan at the Cheverolet Theater, formerly called The Oakdale Theater. It was AWESOME! I love Steely Dan anyway, but this show was great.

We started the evening tailgating in the parking lot (splitting a 4-pack of single serving bottles of Merlot in the car. All class we are. Did I mention we were in a BMW?!). We bought another couple glasses of wine once we got inside, and then we took our seats. The Sam Yahel Organ Trio opened. They were ok.

Donald Fagan walked on stage in a black suit and sunglasses. Slick. Walter Becker had on baggy jeans and a grey untucked button-down shirt. Kinda sloppy, but he's Walter fricken Becker.

They opened with Time Out of Mind (now my 2nd fave song). A great song to open with. It's funky and uptempo, and got the crowd moving. All of a sudden, the scent of Mary Jane filled the air. My brother and I wished we had thought ahead.

They played my favorite song, Dirty Work. But since it was originally sung by David Palmer, they had the two female backup vocalists handle it. They did a good job.

Once Babylon Sisters came up, I started texting Norm, and continued to do so for the rest of the show. He's the only other person (besides my brother) who is as into Steely Dan as I am.

I wish I could find the set list online, because I can't remember all the songs they played. But man, was it a kickass show.

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