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So I finally jumped on the band de wagon
posted on 04/28/2006 at 11:59 pm
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sO kIDS,

I have finally created a MYSPACE. I will start paying more attention to arfie as well. I am not cheating on you my fine friend. I just need new ass.

Enjoy and please visit.

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I read the other day about a guy calling in saying that he liked being smothered or sat on by a woman that was completely clothed in fetish type gear, but had no real interest seeing her naked body or making love. Guy said he had a hard time finding a woman (other than prostitutes) willing to just do that for him. Gee really? I think I feel more pity for these individuals than disgust. Gosh we all have our kinks, but it seems if we want to have someone to play with, we need to at least be able and willing to accommodate potential partners or our lovers with basic human needs.This guy is just a sick FUCK. And this guy is not ME.


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