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Pete Rose: Not Sorry Enough january 6 2004, 06:02 pm
submitted by: normal mc

Pete Rose will never be the baseball hero he wishes to be. The casual fan may throw his name up near the top when asked about baseball’s all-time greats, but those in the know would never do such a thing. Rose never had a singular moment where he transcended the sport, where he single-handedly became bigger than the game. Reggie did, Tom Seaver had his moments, the Mick, Sammy and Big Mac... but not Pete. And don’t bring up that lazy single to left center off of Eric Show, the hit which broke Ty Cobb’s record and planted Rose atop the all time hit leaders. That doesn’t count. Why? Because he played for almost 25 years and his team was out of the hunt by then.

Great record? Sure. Untouchable? Probably. Hall of Famer? Absolutely. All time great?Never.

He’s been lying for almost 15 years about betting on baseball, all the time the average fan has rushed to his aid, crying foul. The man is a degenerate gambler who bet on his own team, corrupting himself and permanently tarnishing his image. He should not be allowed near a major league dugout for the rest of his life. But he should be in the Hall of Fame.

Everyone has heard this argument, how there are other degenerates and ne’er-do-wells in Cooperstown already. Ty Cobb was a racist, big deal. If we’re talking stats, Rose is in on the first ballot. But then again, so is Shoeless Joe, and if Rose is ‘pardoned’, I better live to see Joe in there too. Rose was a dominant player in the 70’s, a model of consistency and hustle, and a winner. Never the best on those fantastic Reds squads of the late 70’s, Rose was still a key cog in that machine. But he’s also the guy who cheated on his wife, the guy who ended Fosse’s career with a vicious hit in an All-Star game, the guy who did time for tax problems…

And now, we all know for certain, he’s a liar.

People have tried to discredit the Dowd Report for over a decade now, and we’d like your apologies now, please. In his last book, he said he never bet on baseball. In this one, he said he did… and he said he did with Charles Gibson on the ABC special airing Thursday. Why believe anything he ever says again?

The timing of Rose’s new book, which I plan to pick up Thursday, is suspect. So now he comes clean. Right before the announcement of this year’s HOF crop. Can this man get anymore selfish? Molitor and Eck should be able to enjoy their spotlight, but they obviously can’t now, not with the spectre of Pete’s admission hanging in the air. That is wrong. It’s time you realize that even though you are the all time hits leader, you are not the game. The game is bigger than you. Wanna be a part of the game again? Not on my watch.

The man loves himself, his stats, his money and that’s it. If he loved the game, we’d never be having this discussion.

You’ll read a lot in the next few weeks about Pete’s puzzling lack of real remorse. I’ll admit it troubles me, too. Say you’re sorry, Pete… say it once and mean it before you once again ask for a second chance. It’s not about you, Pete – it’s about the game. It’s about the game you treated with zero respect, the team you failed, the fans you alienated. I’m willing to forgive you for lying in the first place. I’m willing to forgive you for your terrible haircut history, but I will never forgive you for betting on your own team while manager. You will never say ‘sorry’ enough for my tastes. But saying it once and meaning it is enough for most people.

Then you can go to the Hall of Fame, and not hang out downtown overcharging for autographs. But stay away from my ballparks, unless it’s Old Timer’s Day.

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normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 1

Gammons' take is spot on, too.

mike2 336 posts
comment no. 2

Ok Mr. Ride-the-fence-never-make-a-clear-point. What are you even trying to say here? He unforgivingly disgraced the game, yet he should be in the Hall? He shouldn't be aloud in a ballpark, unless it suits your Old-timer's day wishes? What the shit is that? And you're gonna say he wasn't one of the all-time greats? You're nuts.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 3

a) he should be in the hall of fame due to his ability and his stats...

b) he should not be allowed to manage again

c) you're a fag.

d) you all bitch about lack of content, then when there is content, instead of going with it and actually discussing the issues brought up, you say I'm wrong. why don't you fucking write something you piece of shit?

clear enough for you, or am I still on the fence?

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 4

Sorry, bad night at work.

kid dexterity
kid dexterity 1186 posts
comment no. 5

If for no other reason, Pete Rose deserves a Hall of Fame spot as being one of the homeliest ballplayers of all time.

gnomeloaf 942 posts
comment no. 6

I agree with Kid. For the love of god, Pete, use the bestseller money to get a haircut that doesn't make you look like Frankenstein.

Count this as a book I might read if at the library or loaned to me, but wouldn't pay for. The idea of Pete Rose using my money to buy toilet paper is, well, bad.

Come to think of it, that's true for a lot of other authors....never mind.

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