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A Storm Is A Brewin' by: dj tanner

And its headed directly toward us! ┐Como sÚ dÝce "hurricane day"?

Posted: august 27 2006, 09:13 am
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farlupulous 3353 posts
comment no. 1

best of luck bubba...

the snerly
the snerly 671 posts
comment no. 2

Fucking Ernesto. This is so gonna fuck up my party!

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
comment no. 3

As long as Ernesto doesn't come to my wedding it's all good.

the snerly
the snerly 671 posts
comment no. 4

Oh boy! looks like my party might still be ok.

We finally baptised Ben last weekend, so maybe Carl is cutting me a break.

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
comment no. 5

Cutting you a break? Do you mean the bris?

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
comment no. 6

Hey knock it off.

I mean CUT IT OUT!

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