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Aren't polls rad? Is this the feature that you've all been waiting for? Are you gonna post more now? Isn't this photo gay?

Seriously, though - don't you like polls?

Fuckin' polls! Sweet!
Polls... okay, I guess.
I could care less about your precious polls.
Fuck the polls, fuck 'em!

  Total Votes: 15

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
09/12/2004 4:08 pm
comment no. 1

Of course they are rad! Hooray for Tanner!

nathaniel merriwether
nathaniel merriwether 123 posts
09/12/2004 4:12 pm
comment no. 2

I agree.

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
09/12/2004 4:20 pm
comment no. 3

Yeah, I guess they're ok.

gator girl
gator girl 370 posts
09/12/2004 4:21 pm
comment no. 4

Nice work Tanner!

robert troll
robert troll 566 posts
09/12/2004 4:25 pm
comment no. 5

Yes that photo is gay

blackwidow 1056 posts
09/12/2004 4:53 pm
comment no. 6

Post more! Gay! Polls! Rad! Waiting!

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
09/12/2004 5:14 pm
comment no. 7

You know, you can make your own too!

truely1720 158 posts
09/12/2004 7:37 pm
comment no. 8

polls... could work, give some people another way to opinion-ate without having to feel they need to write a paragraph-- i think they could add some extra pizzazz, i say yea.

kid dexterity
kid dexterity 1186 posts
09/12/2004 8:17 pm
comment no. 9

Just what is that photo actually celebrating anyway?

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
09/12/2004 8:32 pm
comment no. 10

Come on! Who doesn't love the polls?

chosen rosen
chosen rosen 657 posts
09/12/2004 9:47 pm
comment no. 11

polls! i've been waiting for you!

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
09/12/2004 11:27 pm
comment no. 12

I wonder if I should have spent my time working on something else.

one4k4 1071 posts
09/13/2004 9:32 am
comment no. 13

LOLOZ!! Fagboats!!

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
09/13/2004 1:43 pm
comment no. 14

I only chose this option b/c it used the word fuck twice. Using the word fuck twice is almost as fucking awesome as using it three times.

negro 241 posts
09/13/2004 8:59 pm
comment no. 15

Word, gayest poll ever, gayest picture ever.