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I can't wait to see Johnny show his Depp-th in this role
Oh hell no. Tim Burton ass raped Planet of the Apes and this is going to be more of the same.

  Total Votes: 12

jay rock
jay rock 1362 posts
01/02/2005 8:09 pm
comment no. 1

I so badly want this to be good, but I fear that it will suck more than than a 12 year old Haitian call girl at a blowjob festival.

normal mc
normal mc 7472 posts
01/02/2005 8:11 pm
comment no. 2

At the same time, I wish it wasn't Depp. The rest of the casting looks inspired... when the movie drops, I'll offer my ideal remake cast.

I was thinking more Kevin Kline...

truely1720 158 posts
01/02/2005 9:07 pm
comment no. 3

I can't wait for it to come out! The first one was unbelievable, but I have a feeling Tim Burton will make it crazy. I'm for it!

dj tanner
dj tanner 4789 posts
01/03/2005 2:16 am
comment no. 4

Hmmm... I really hope he can pull it off. I was surprised, however, at how closely the trailer resembles the original movie. I don't know what I was expecting.

blackwidow 1056 posts
01/03/2005 7:47 am
comment no. 5

Johnny Depp may be hot, but nothing will ever replace the original with Gene Wilder (the "original" crazy man, IMHO).

the smerly
the smerly
01/04/2005 9:30 am
comment no. 6

"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is my favorite movie. So I will see "Charlie". I haven't seen any trailers yet, but I think Johnny Depp is a great actor, so I'm cautiously optimistic about the film.

chosen rosen
chosen rosen 657 posts
01/04/2005 12:21 pm
comment no. 7

i saw a trailer and johnny depp looked like a woman. it was weird. however i think he does a great job with weird, offbeat characters, so who knows. i go with smerls, i am cautiously optimistic.

the snerly
the snerly 671 posts
01/10/2005 11:13 am
comment no. 8

Man, I just watched the trailer, and it's the same damn movie! What a crock. I though it was going to be about Charlie, and what happened after he took over the factory. I'll probably still see it because I liked the original, but now I'm not that excited about it. Phooey.

farlupulous 3353 posts
01/12/2005 8:08 am
comment no. 9

I like remakes.