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Well, it's a new year. And with it comes bullshit resolutions! I for one have a few resolutions I had planned but have decided to narrow it down to two (2) in specific, because let's face it - I half-ass everything and my grand plans often come up short so let's aim a bit lower, huh?

In reality though, I haven't narrowed it down...

You have! Er... you will!

The top 2 (two) vote-getters will be my New Years' resolutions. Let's face it, you want this website to be more interactive and you do care about me.

It's all about me. Me me me.
Select one:
Quitting Smoking
Writing More For The Site
Losing Weight
Filming My Movie
Being Nicer To Minorities
Spending More Time With The Elderly
Less Talk, More ROCK!
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