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Well Kids...

As some of you may know, this site is dead. Or at the very least on life support. On January first, this domain will point directly to my blog - the NORMBLOG for those of you playing along at home. You might recognize our LOGO:

Why? Well, that way I can no longer feel bad when no one posts anymore - I'll have only myself to blame! Huzzah!

That being said, I think I will actually blog like a real blogger in the new year. I'll complain about my personal life and lack of success with the ladies, my continuing dental dilemmas, I'll mini-review TV, movies, music, etc... and bitch about politics! Like a good blogger should!

Am I missing anything?

Have any input, America?
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Making fun of LiveJournalers
Lame interviews with quasi-celebrities
Bad fiction
Op/Ed Nonsense
Norms Things
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