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Arf Membership...

So you wanna join our cult, huh? Fantastic, sign this form and line up for your haircut over there... Seriously now, you're ready to work for ARF? I doubt it but hey, prove me wrong! We need new blood and new ideas and I'm sure you are exactly what we're looking for! And by 'exactly' we mean 'hey, you've got a pulse and an internet connection'. By signing up with ARF and setting up a username and password, you'll have access to such happy American, good-time fun such as Main Page posting, Soapbox, the message forum and our executive washroom.

Please, sign up only if you're serious about salvation and your love of Christ! I mean, only sign up if you're actually going to post on a regular basis.

    Your Username: The only thing we ask is you not to use a curse word in your username.
    Password: You can make your password a swear, sure.
By signing up, you get immediate access to commenting, forum posting and Soapbox. Main Page posting is subject to Editors review. Don't take it personal. After we (I) have deemed you worthy, we'll let you know when you have the special clearance to post on our Main Page.

Regarding main page posts and linking, please try not to swear or at the very least, use the power of the curse word sparingly. When linking, make sure the content of the linked site is not something that the average filter would block, namely porn. We're risque here, we're avant-garde, but please - no porn. The main page is the first thing visitors see when they get to ARF and the less static the better. Also, be wary of what kind of pictures you post as well. Got it, Farley? As a matter of fact, if you don't have an upload directory - don't post pics. Email the pic to an editor, we will host it and send you the link, then you can post it. Eliminates those pesky 'broken link' boxes.

Message forums, the Soapbox and article/main page post comments are a little different. Here we can be a bit looser with the language and shit, but use your common sense if you have any. We're a tight-knit community here and we treat each other with respect for the most part, don't fuck it up. However, in all areas of the site, please refrain from racist, derogatory or offensive comments. What do we find offensive? Depends on who's reading, but again good common sense should be enough here. We judge people based on their stupidity here at ARF - nothing else.

If you have something else you'd like to share with us, like a review or a feature, just forward it to me for review and posting. But please, if you're gonna submit an article, do your homework. We're cool with baseless declarations of greatness, yeah, but if you plan to deconstruct something, to rip something apart, please cite specific examples of why he/she/it/they suck it raw. Please keep in mind; all submissions to are subject to harsh scrutiny. When we see fit, the editors here will not hesitate to respond directly to your submission as a 'counterpoint' immediately after your piece is submitted, via the comment section on that same page. can refuse any submission at any time for no reason at all just because we're dicks like that.

So you want to bring to our attention our total lack of professionalism? Want to attack us personally for our views and beliefs? Feel like calling us names? If your self-esteem is so goddamned low that you feel the need to point out the shortcomings of others and their webtastic endeavors, feel free to contact us! Or, maybe you honestly like what we're doing here at If you do, let us know!

You can reach us via email at: Or if you need to reach someone right away, you can IM me at: the normal mc.

NOTE: As Supreme Commander of this website, I reserve the right to use whatever material you send to the above email against you, your cruddy company or whatever cruddy website you may write for. I'll probably post it on the site, point out your lack of proper grammar and all the misspelled words, too. Then the rest of the staff and I will get a hearty laugh out of it.

disclaimer: is not responsible for the content of other web sites linked from if you are offended, good - you probably deserve it. seriously, we're only responsible for the original content written exclusively for

go ahead - get offended. nobody cares. write a letter or something.

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